New Hope for Children supports Children’s Vision in sharing God’s love and good news with all their children. The children who live in the homes and study at the school are
taught God’s word in daily devotionals and attend Christian education classes.  Also,  every day the children see and experience   examples of 
Christian life through their interactions with staff and visitors. 
Some of the children at Children’s Vision are incredibly excited about sharing their Christian faith with others and form the evangelism team. 
This amazingly talented and passionate team comprises of several groups including praise & worship music, drama and dance groups, all developed at 
Children’s Vision. These groups give public presentations, for example in parks and town squares, both in Bogotá and further afield, to support the 
evangelism efforts of Colombian churches. Children’s Vision further helps approximately 600 churches nationally through the distribution of Bible 
literature provided by Revival Movement Association, an organisation based in the UK.