It is the privilege of New Hope for Children since 2008 to have helped towards the purchase and building of several of Children’s Vision’s properties in 
These projects have included the building of the Children’s Vision Beginning of Wisdom School, the installation of woodwork and electricity workshops, 
the purchase and remodelling of the Leviticus House for girls and the latest project, the “Blessings Building.” 
This new building will bring great joy to many, many, beneficiaries: The children and families of the foundation, and to thousands of Colombian people who will receive 
Humanitarian Aid.  The main areas of the building include:

·       A bigger Humanitarian Aid distribution centre to help 
        Thousands of people at a national level.
·       A beautiful dining room to help more hungry children with 
        Their daily meals.  Also, for special ceremonies such as                        
        Graduation, Praise and Worship events, Bible meetings and 
        Many more.
·       A medical unit for better health care.
·       New offices for Administration and Technical Team (Social
        Work, Psychology, Nutrition and Nurses).
·       New bakery workshop to learn baking and enjoy eating cakes.
·       Workshop to learn sewing and for alteration of clothes.
·       Games area for lots of fun.
·       Sports area for running, jumping, and playing.

In  the photos you can see the groundbreaking ceremony and dedication service with all our children in  march 2018 and the progress up until
September 2020.

An enormous thank you to everyone who has helped us with this project which is now 90% completed, with an estimated finish date of December 2020.

Please help us to finish this life-changing, life-saving and joy-bringing project that will bless a nation.