Richard Sanderson is the chairperson of New Hope for Children and has lived and served in Colombia since 2002. Originally from the Northeast of England, 
he studied at Northumbria University and spent 10 years working for British Gas. During this time, he completed various short-term mission trips to 
communities in South America, Africa and India. He began to help at Children’s Vision in Bogotá during a career break in 2000. After a year back in the UK, 
he returned to Colombia in 2002 and married Children’s Vision International President Jeanene Kay Thicke. 
She and Richard have a son Henry and an extended family of many hundreds more children who, with the help of the donors and staff, are very much loved                                      
and cared for.  
New Hope for Children was founded in the UK as a registered charity (1124015) in 2008, as a natural development to Richard’s work with 
Children’s Vision International in Bogotá.  New Hope for Children’s trustees are dedicated volunteers who have considerable experience and its current UK 
and Ireland Coordinator is Christine Hodgson who herself served at Children’s Vision in Colombia for two years. 
Christine is very happy to deal with all enquiries, and we invite you to please make contact with us through her. 
All New Hope for Children and Children’s Vision projects are 100% funded through donations.